July 2014 CEEEC releases its first annual report – you can read it here – Annual_Report_2014_Final

March 2014 The Litzgus Lab, with our partners, just received over $184,000 in grant money from the MNR’s Species At Risk Stewardship Fund for work on reptile species at risk! These funds will fully support two new MSc projects for two years and allow a current PhD student co-supervised by Lesbarreres and Litzgus to pursue his citizen science initiatives.

Feb. 2014 – Gillian Crozier and Albrecht Schulte-Hostedde participated in the Laurentian University TEDx event. Photos of the event are here.
Albrecht gave an interview about the event on CBC’s local radio show – here
Albrecht talked about “Evolutionary Consequences of Evolutionary Activities” (video here)
Gillian spoke about “Simulating bird songs to study cultural evolution (video here)
Gillian’s talk was selected as one of TEDx Talks Editor’s Picks of the Week!


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