* Indicates a trainee supervised by a CEEEC member
When links to manuscripts are not provided below, please E-mail CEEEC ( for pdf copies of our research.


Crozier, G.K.D., Schulte-Hostedde A.I. Towards improving the ethics of ecological research. Science and Engineering Ethics (forthcoming, early view). Downloadable pdf


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Crozier, G.K.D., Schulte-Hostedde A.I. The ethics of wildlife disease management. Evolutionary Applications. (forthcoming, early view). Downloadable pdf

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Morrison, E.A., S. Garner, P. Echaubard, D. Lesbarrères, C.J. Kyle, and C.R. Brunetti. Complete genome analysis of a frog virus 3 (FV3) isolate and sequence comparison with isolates of differing levels of virulence. Virology Journal. 11:46

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Yagi, K.T.* and J.D. Litzgus. 2013. Thermal ecology of Spotted Turtles (Clemmys guttata) in a beaver flooded bog in Southern Ontario, Canada. Journal of Thermal Biology 38(5): 205-213.


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